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Coarse Sand

Coarse Sand plays a very strengthen role in concrete, Coarse aggregates are particles greater than 4.75mm, but generally range between 9.5mm to 37.5mm in diameter. The compressive strength is an important factor in the selection of coarse sand. When determining the strength of normal concrete, most concrete aggregates are several times stronger than the other components in concrete and therefore not a factor in the strength of normal strength concrete.

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Coarse sand is a granular material that occurs naturally and the composition is basically the finely divided rocks and various other particles of minerals. One can define this particular sand by size and this is fine as compared to gravel but it is coarser as compared to the silt. One can define this sand depending on the textural class soil or the particular soil type. The soil particularly contains sand sized particles that exceed by eighty five percent. The composition of this particular sand has a variation and this depends on various sources of local rocks and various other conditions but the important constituent is silicon dioxide. Another important constituent is the calcium carbonate. As per the particle size, as provided by the geologists, the diameter can go up to 2 mm. The individual particle is called the sand grain. The most common constituent silicon dioxide generally in the quartz form is a mineral resistant for weathering. The bright white sand in this segment is found in the sub tropical and tropical coastal settings.

Making Process of Coarse Sand

Although available naturally, there are various equipments used in the making and these primarily are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher etc. The process is time oriented and in the present times many state of the art equipments in this area are digitally controlled. Modern equipments used for the coarse sand making in the present times do not need the ample space as compared to the mechanically controlled equipments that had the old technology associated with them.

Fine Sand Vs. Coarse Sand

The prime difference is in the texture and particle density. The coarse sand is comparatively hard in texture and the granules are bigger in size.

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