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Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash Bricks "Eco friendly product" is a Pulverised ash brick (PAB) technology is a process of converting industrial waste materials into quality building materials. At present, the technology is well established in converting thermal power plant waste into quality bricks. These bricks are machine made & uniform in shape and size, therefore, here is no variation in size of the bricks & require less mortar in. The thickness of plaster can be reduced substantially. Fly Ash Bricks is lighter & manufacturing process is also faster than the conventional clay bricks. The bricks are ready for dispatch within 12 hours of manufacture. These bricks are manufactured throughout the year, even during the monsoons. FLY ASH is the extremely fine ash 'flying' along with flue gases is trapped in electro-static precipitators (ESP) and is collected.

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Fly ash bricks manufacturing Process

Fly ash is used for the manufacturing of bricks and these bricks are also called fly ash bricks. These are environmental friendly and are also economical when it comes to finances as compared to various other building products. Many builders use the fly ash bricks because of their comparative strength than the conventional bricks.

The fly ash brick is made by compression of class C fly ash and water at 28 Mpa [272 atm] and after this, it is cured for a time period f 24 hours in steam bath at 66 degree Celsius. After this, the air entertainment agent is used for toughening. The lasting time of these bricks exceeds 100 freeze thaw cycles. The class C fly ash has high concentration level of calcium oxide and this is the reason the brick is also called as the self cementing brick. One achieves the block hardness by the cement strength and by the process called autoclaving; there is instant curing mechanism in the brick. The fact is gypsum is a long term strength gainer. The aluminium paste provides the chemical reaction and this provides the insulation properties as compared to other concrete materials that are light in weight.

Role in construction/infrastructure projects in India

There is a major use of fly ash bricks in the construction projects of India because of their high strength and in practical; one does not find any leakage during use as well as during the transportation. Because of their uniform size, there is reduction in mortar usage to the level of fifty percent for joint and plaster. Water penetrates at the low levels resulting in reduction of water seepage through bricks. All these are highly noteworthy for the builder of infrastructure projects in India resulting in a great demand of these bricks for various construction projects.

Comparison between fly ash and normal bricks

  • The fly ash bricks have a pleasing colour that resembles cement as compared to the normal bricks that have the colour variation depending n the soil.
  • The fly ash bricks have the smooth finish and the uniform shape as compared to uneven shape of normal bricks.
  • These bricks also carry dense composition compared to light bonded normal bricks.
Size 220 X 110 X 70 mm (Size may vary slightly)
Weight 3 Kg
Density 1600-1700 kg/m3
Compressive strength 75 - 100 kg/cm2
Water Absorption 10-15%
  • Fly-Ash Bricks is lighter than the others
  • The manufacturing process is also faster than the conventional clay bricks
  • Ready for dispatch quickly
  • Comparative strength as compared to other conventional bricks.
  • One can apply gypsum plaster on these bricks directly without the lime plaster backing coat.
  • There is no need to soak these bricks in water for a period of 24 hours. Before the usage, one can just sprinkle the water and that is enough.
  • Since the fly ash comes from the power plant residues, this is an environment friendly brick. This brick helps in environment safety as well as soil depletion.

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