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Yamuna River Sand

Yamuna river sand is a widely used construction material and is the most preferred choice as a fine aggregate material. High quality of Yamuna sand makes it perfect to be used for plastering house.



Rs. 30 per cft
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River sand got from the Yamuna plays a major role in the infrastructure projects in India. This is far more superior to any other sand therefore, it is highly preferable.

River sand has a major role in concrete and without it; concrete will not function as it is intended. The specific properties of concrete mix will be determined as per the proportion. The strong concrete will emerge from aggregate that is well graded and labelled.

  • It is used for the building materials.
  • It is mixed with the water and cement for making the concrete.
  • The strength is very high bonding.
  • Good compressive strength.
  • The Yamuna river sand is temperature resistance.

Rana Infra (RIPPL) is one of the leading suppliers/dealer for the Yamuna river sand in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The company is moving to the path of excellence on day to day basis and it is having many certifications in this area. We are in great demand for the supply to various clients located in the different parts of NCR. In various NCR projects, there is a high increase in the demand for the river sand and we are fulfilling the supply in the time deadlines.