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Stone Dust

Stone dust is classified in the list of multipurpose materials used for the yard construction & also named as Fine aggregate or crushed stone. The global consumption of natural sand is very high, due to the extensive use of concrete. In India, we are facing shortage in good quality natural sand as its being depleted and causing serious threat to environment as well as the society. In the experimental study of strength characteristics of concrete using crushed stone dust as fine aggregate it is found that there is increase in compressive strength, flexural strength and tensile strength of concrete & can replace with natural sand.

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Stone dust becomes the perfect setting bed for the different types of stone pavers. One can make it smooth for the highly flat surface and it is known for its strength because it can duly support the stone paver weight.

If there is a stone dust compact layer, it is a perfect suit for the passageway or yard surface. It is also a good choice for the sub base as far as the laying of the slabs and sub blocks is concerned. It is also used for the jointing of the slate which is a natural stone. Because of the extreme compactness of the surface of stone dust and because of its waterproof characteristics, one can take banking into priority at the time of installation.

Stone Pavers and Stone dust - their importance

Stone pavers are actually the stones that find usage for the construction of flat and easily approachable surfaces for driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks etc. These are also called the paving stones and the stone dust has a role to play. These generally come in rectangles or squares. The sizes are not identical like brick pavers and concrete pavers. The texture, colour and the size varies because these are sliced from quarries and are not manufactured from molds like various other types of pavers. The variations and the application of the stone dust add to the beauty, the compactness and the strength. These are well known for their durability and have been in the usage since thousands of years.

There are various design options in the area of stone pavers and one can do the installation in the different patterns and the application of the stone dust depends on the various patterns as per the engineering standards of the present times. After the proper installation, the stone pavers will look amazingly beautiful. Installation can be a challenge compared to the brick and concrete equivalents.

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